Sunday, January 23, 2011

At last.

Winter has finally arrived and hopefully she will stick around for awhile. In the meantime I was in St. John's this past week and I visited my old school The Anna Templeton Centre, which is the home of the Textile Studies Program through the College of the North Atlantic. I spent hours working in that printing studio and I was missing being at art school for a few quiet minutes. Tomorrow, weather permitting, I'm off to Woody Point. I don't think I've ever been in Gros Morne National Park in the wintertime so I'll definitely have some photo's to share in the coming days. Really.


Kerry O'Gorman said...

WOW! Now I really want to come back east to study with you and your pals! Funny though, winter is just leaving us here...for now...much wind and rain. I love the photos of the gloves! Cheers bud!

knix said...

Oh Brenda the memories of that dye studio. It was a place I spent many hours that's for sure...I'm curious about the addition at the end. It's new, what's it used for?
Good for you for getting to use the studio while in town.
hope you are well.

Barbara said...

Thank you for all these photographs, I am from Nfld and your pictures are wonderful ... reminding me of home!
Very, very best wishes,