Saturday, December 1, 2007

One of a Kind Show and Felt Scarves

And just like that, the One of a Kind Christmas Show is over for another year. Happens every year, I worry and stress until my booth is set up and then I kick myself for never having enough work! The photo of my booth was taken on the second last day after I removed a set of ladders in an attempt to make the other ladders look like they contained more work. My work sold very well I am very happy to report.

Thank you to all those who made purchases and stopped by to talk about the work. Although Felt is considered the 'first fabric of civilization' (it says so on my Hangtags!) alot of people don't know what they're looking at when they first see my work. Most people are amazed when they realize just how much work goes into making felt.

In an attempt to speed up production I'm going to start searching for a small woollen mill that might be willing to custom dye small batches.

The photo of the Christmas Tree was taken outside the Eaton Centre on Younge Street. When you live in a city of just 26-thousand people it's nice to get to the 'big city' once in awhile. take care.


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