Sunday, May 10, 2009

Here comes fortune!

Now that I have the fame can fortune be far behind? I'm very proud indeed to be on this month's cover of the Craft Council's Newsletter. Inside I share my design process. Although lately there hasn't been much 'process' happening! what with all the other projects I've taken on. I filed my final report on all the research that I carried out for the Craft Council last week (although I still have a little work left to do) and now I'm on to teaching 21 classes of Grade Two's. We make felt balls for the first project and the second project we are doing natural dyeing. I'm having them 'hide' beans and marbles inside the fabric with the help of elastic bands. With the help of a microwave I'm hoping to have three or four dye pots with exotic and household dyestuff for colour. I also found some rusty nails where I walk each day so I've also set up little 'experiments' to see what happens when you introduce rust to silk. Sometime in June I hope to get back to my own work. Won't that be lovely! xxxb