Saturday, March 29, 2008

Where was I?

I had such high hopes...such plans.... but life got in the way. Trying to teach Grade One's and Two's how to make felt turned out to be a great deal harder than I thought, so basically I ended up doing most of the work in my studio. I'm loving it just the same. So far I think I've strung approximately 200 felt ball necklaces with possibly another 200 to go. With only one hour a week per class you can't really accomplish much but one thing is for love working with fleece and they are so wonderfully creative. So now I've gone and gotten myself another job (to try and clear up some debt)(oh the life of an Artist) so I'm not sure if I'll ever make another thing again! Well that could never happen but I am a little worried to say the least. Although, I do tend to function better when I have a lot of things happening. I will write again soon. Brenda