Friday, June 12, 2009

My blog sucks!

What's the point of having a Blog if you never write? The Blogs I visit, write everyday or at least regularly, and I count on that. Recently, someone I know suggested I was a perfectionist. How can that be? Nothing I do is perfect! But that'a just it, (from what I understand), perfectionists don't get things done because nothing they do is good enough. You know, that actually makes sense to me. Here's another thing I've noticed about myself. I'm soooo busy working in other jobs trying to make money, that I don't actually have enough time to make my own work anymore. So what's the friggin' point?? If anyone has the answer to that one I'd appreciate an answer. ;) In the meantime...I am finally (finally) in the home stretch on the research I was conducting and I will be finished teaching next week. Amazingly, a very (very) lovely friend of mine has given me her 'schoolhouse' for the summer which is located in Gros Morne National Park. (see pictures) If I can't accomplish anything here, I will stop trying. Well not really. With just a week until absolute freedom it's time for me to order supplies so I can take advantage of a few months off until I have to look for another job. lol. xxxb and if you are in the area...please stop by!