Sunday, September 20, 2009

Ready, steady, go.

So here it is September 20th, and hate to say it, but November is just around the corner. Not that I like to wish my time away but for many of us Craftspeople/Makers/Artists, November is the time we come out of our Studios to show and sell our work in Christmas shows and I'm starting to feel a little pressure because I'm planning to do three shows and there's not a lot of time between now and then. I'm taking advantage of all the nice days to get as much dyeing done outside as I possibly can. Is anyone else panicking yet?

1 comment:

Kalila said...

oooh... what will they become??
Can I play??

So yummy.
So happy for your ability to fullfill your dreams in such a marvelous place.

Any pretty wildlife in your neck of the woods?

Hugs to you.
Have a fabby day.