Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Artistic Practice

Now that I have a full time job there's not much time (ok no time) for making Craft. At least not right now. I'm sure once I settle into a routine and set up a studio space I'll be ready to make again. Lately I've been wondering what forms artistic practice can take. Instead of becoming frustrated at the lack of time I have right now or the little time I spend in one place, I've decided to appreciate the many forms an art practice can take. Like cooking, gardening, taking photos, maintaining a blog, nuturing others...well you see where I'm going. Artistic practice, I believe, can be many things, it's how you approach it!


island sweet said...


Kerry O'Gorman said...

What is it they say...life imitates art...beauty in everything, all things great and small...

bianca gignac said...

Brenda-you are so right. I think we must remember not to pigeon-hole our creativity. With so many stages and seasons in life I think we just have to create in whatever mood suits us. Sometimes our art is in the fantastic dinner we just put on the table for our friends. We don't suddenly forget colour, proportion, scale or repetitive design elements do we?

Make on, write on, blog on, cook on, Right on!

Anonymous said...

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