Tuesday, January 19, 2010

So here's a question.

How do you photograph scarves? A really great photograph that shows the texture, colour and drape? Already I know that photographs improve 100% when you use a tripod...check; and natural light is probaly easier to work with or certainly the cheapest...check. So that's my big goal over the next month...to figure out how to take the best photographs of my work. My end goal is an etsy shop. Really. I am always impressed by the Designers/Makers who have several photographs including a photograph of how the work is packaged. Please feel free to offer suggestions. xxxb


Lori White said...

Ooohhh.. Etsy is an exciting venture! Yay!

I don't know much about photography but as a shopper... I like seeing scarves modeled on real people. I find I get a better idea of the size and "bulk" of a scarf when its wrapped around a neck with a real head and torso for scale. If you can capture the scarf tied in 2-3 different ways it will give potential customers a good idea of the weight, drape and pattern of the fabric, as well.
I also like seeing how the work will be packaged - great idea!
I understand models are hard to come by when you work alone in your studio.. but you already have a tripod and camera.. have you tried the self-portrait setting? You're a beautiful maker making beautiful scarves ;-)

I wish I knew the tricks of the studio-stills trade to help. Good luck!

tj cuthbert said...

try to shine light across the subject (kind of skimming it), rather than directly on it. Shining light directly on an object will flatten any shadows and shadows help give a sense of texture.

Then use a white piece of paper to reflect light back. And then fiddle.

Anonymous said...
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