Friday, October 2, 2009

While it is beautiful outside....not so much inside. However, that just means work is being done. I've made the decision to do all 11 days of the One of a Kind Show in Toronto, in addition to the Fine Craft and Design Show in St. John's, along with my job as coordinator of the show here in Corner Brook. Needless to say, I have a lot of work to accomplish between then and now. What I have noticed when you take on such committments, is that it forces you to start thinking in different ways. You start thinking about creating 'collections' of work because you know it will all be shown together and you also start thinking about colour and colour combinations, not to mention creating new work, and trying to design new booth displays. Chaotic? yes. Enjoyable? Absolutely.


Corner Brook Rocks said...

I can't wait to see some of your new stuff, I need a new "fancy" scarf to go with my "fancy jacket". So excited for you about the shows coming up, should be lots of fun.

Marshall Arts said...

wow - you can do it Brenda!! Good for you, you're right, it will be busy, but I know you can pull it off. AND, it means I get to see you twice this fall ;)