Sunday, February 15, 2009

I took a little trip.

I was in St. John's this week working out of the Craft Council which is located in Downtown St. John's. Who knew I would have to go there, to see the sun! But shine it did and although it was cold earlier in the week it was quite lovely there and nice to be back in the Big City. That's what we on the west coast of the island refer to St. John's as. ;) As you can see they have no snow...and we have so much snow that I had to dig out my compost bin for fear I would never see it again! Needless to say I spent most of the weekend shovelling snow which I actually like because it's another reason to stay outside. The view of the water is what is known as The Narrows. Narrow but deep. It's the view out of the Craft Council building so I'm not quite sure how anyone gets any work done because it is so beautiful. Will I ever make work again? I hope so...but for now I have to be like the Groundhog and keep my head down for the next six weeks to get this research work accomplished. I have that Photography 4-day Workshop this coming weekend...can't wait.


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