Sunday, January 18, 2009

Well what do you know!

I worked in the studio a little this weekend, when I wasn't shovelling snow or just trying to stay warm. I really wanted to over dye the shibori piece more then anything and I love it. It's torture (well not really) trying to cut all the threads to see the over all pattern. How beautiful it that I ask you? Now the work begins to find a supplier of wool yardage. (I think I probably bought this piece while I still lived in Calgary). Silk suppliers I have, but I might find it a little difficult to find what I'm looking for in wool or possibly a wool/silk blend or even a wool/ spandex blend. The hunt is on! In the meantime I should probably think about taking down my holiday decorations...or should I? b


knix said...

Brenda what about Louet? A friend of mine in Steady Brook is a local rep if they have anything that would work for you!

Anonymous said...

It's lovely!!!
How pretty...

Oh, and the decorations???
Just leave them up:)


Janet Davis said...

That's gorgeous!