Thursday, November 27, 2008

Well this is not very good.....not posting since September! Talk about busy. Last weekend was the Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Council's Fine Craft & Design Fair in St. John's. Such a lovely show and I practically sold out which was wonderful. It was a busy Autumn. Working all day at my job and then working in the Studio at night and on the weekends. As well, I was working on a Proposal to carry out a number of research projects for the Craft Council and hopefully I will hear about that today. Fingers crossed. Someone in St. John's was kind enough to loan me a loom for a little while and I recently purchased a knitting machine so I'm hoping to expand my work in the new year. I'm excited about that. although I won't stop felting. The other image is something I'm working on right now. Until next time. xxxb


knix said...

Congrates on St. John's Brenda. I'm excited about your new work already. Can't wait to see some samples. All the best
Hope to see you soon sister.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic, way to go girl.


Janet Davis said...

what is this new work? looks awesome so far!

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